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Fall fly fishing at seashore in Finland.
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Eastern Trout Fly Fishing Flies: 12 Flies Plus Fly Box

Eastern Trout Fly Fishing Flies: 12 Flies Plus Fly Box

  • 12 Common Flies to Eastern Waters
  • 6 Compartment Fly Box
  • Affordable & Durable Flies

Here is an assortment of 12 flies plus a fly box which cover a wide variety of eastern hatches. Includes 1 each of the following:
#14 March Brown
#14 Parachute Adams
#16 Quill Gordon
#16 Sulphur Comparadun
#14 Parachute Light Cahill
#14 Light Hendrickson
#14 Dark Hendrickson
#18 Parachute Blue-winged Olive
#20 Trico Spinner
#12 Bead Head Black Wooly Bugger
#16 Bead Head Flashback Pheasant Tail #12 Bead Head Prince Nymph.

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Umpqua Elk Caddis Brown Fly Fishing Dry Flies Size 14 – 4 Pack

Dry flies are designed to be fished on the top of the water. Dry flies float either on their own, or with the assisstance of a floatant such as silicon based gel, or dry fly shake. They can be fished in rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes alike. Many fish will rise the surface to inspect a dry fly and decide if they want to strike at it or not. Sometimes it is helpful to fish a dry fly on the surface with a subsurface pattern tied on to the hook of the dry fly pattern with 12-18 inches of tippet between them. This way if the fish doesn’t like the looks of the dry fly, then you have a second chance at a strike with the subsurface pattern.Umpqua flies have a long standing reputation for creating quality, creative flies that are constructed of the very best materials available. Each Umpqua fly is skillfully hand-tied with great precision to offer you the very best fishing flies possible. Umpqua’s fly patterns are not only second to none in quality, but they are also very durable. For over 40 years, Umpqua fishermen have designed unique flies that offer you hundreds of patterns to choose from.Constructed of the very best materials availableThe very best fishing flies possibleImprove your enjoyment of fly fishingSkillfully Hand TiedThe Umpqua Elk Caddis Brown 14 is a tried and true fly fishing pattern

Price: $ 7.03
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SF Fly Fishing Landing Rubber Trout Catch and Release Net
wooden landing net

*wooden handle

*Rubber net
61L*24W*23D cm

hoop size:38.7L*22.5W*23D

*high quality
Our catch and release…

The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner (Orvis Guides)
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Fly Fishing Strike Indicators – 10 Pieces
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