fly fishing

Owning a driftboat will allow the fly fisher to cover more water during any given fly fishing session. And of course, drifting down a river on a beautiful day is certainly one of life’s best stress relievers, especially when there is good and productive fly fishing to go with the experience.

Fly fishing line is also sold by weight and is larger in diameter than normal fishing line. You want to be sure and match the proper line weight to your rod weight for best results. You also need choose either a dry line for flies that float on the water or a sinking line for wet flies that skim beneath the water’s surface.

This is why anyone considering fly fishing must learn how to make the right choices. Even a Zen master of an angler will have a disappointing day if his equipment is not up to the task. All fly fishers must take the time to research the sport, the rods, the reels, the flies, the lines and everything else in order to increase their chance of reeling in an impressive trophy catch.


fly fishing

Fly fishing is, very simple when three things are right: you must have a suitable rod; you must get a line to match it; and you must learn correct casting technique.

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Fly fishing clubs and groups provide social networking opportunities and camaraderie. Men and women both enjoy these benefits. With the advent of specialty, women-only fishing clubs and groups many women are finding a home with fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a more complicated proposition, in terms of both mindset and equipment. Both are essential to success. Tackle decisions can and often will make the difference between a catchless day and hitting the limit.

The tippet connects the leader to the fly. Tippet sizes were traditionally expressed as X sizes in a scale based on silkworm gut leader material, but nowadays gut has been superseded by a variety of synthetics, mainly monofilaments. Monofilament is calibrated in thousandths of an inch from 020″ and larger (used for leader butts or in saltwater fishing) to 011″ (old size 0X) and as small as 003″ (8X.) Fly fishing records are classed by tippet diameter, not breaking strength, which varies between material and manufacturers. Choice of tippet involves a tradeoff: finer tippets are less visible to the fish, resulting in more strikes, but are more easily abraded and broken. Stiffer or softer tippets may be used depending on water temperature, visibility, and need for abrasion resistance. Some toothy species require specially strong and durable tippets so they will not be bitten through, called shock tippets, made of thick monofilament or stainless steel wire.

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Many different techniques are used in fly fishing. Fly fishing for trout is a very popular sport, and can be done using any technique and any general type of flies. Many of the techniques were first adapted from fishing for trout. There is a misconception that fly fishing for trout is done on the surface with dry flies. Trout feeds below the surface majority of the time and usually come to the surface only when there is a large bug hatch. The only exceptions are during the summer months and on smaller mountain streams.

Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow will continue to evolve and be a sport enjoyed by all. Choosing a fly fishing rod, reel and the flies can be as exciting and informative as the fishing trip itself.

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