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Secondly, as they get larger, they can manage larger diet articles. Supplementary behaviour is then learned out of a reactive response to the local fauna they find in the area where they are hatched or released. Local knowledge is naturally beneficial here and this is normally what we focus on when fly fishing.

Our instructor Geoff, wasn’t just into fly fishing, he was passionate about it. I thought I knew a lot about salt water fishing, but what this guy knew about fly fishing put me to shame.

Your fly fishing lures should be simple. Regular fishing lures are often huge with all sorts of shiny danglers and bright colors. They, too, are meant to mimic food sources, but the idea of fly fishing is to catch fish using the natural food that is always available. That’s why flies are kept simple looking and small.

FLY & ICE – 7-9 MAR 2014

fly fishing

Each fly fishing rod, reel and line has a line rating on it. These ratings make it easy to match up your kits weight. The larger the rating the heavier and larger the kit usually is. For instance a 4 weight setup would be for small trout the rod would be 7 ft to 8ft long where as an 8-9 weight kit would be used for salmon, steel head and pike etc.and the rod would be anywhere from 9ft to12ft long. For the purpose of learning to fly fish we would suggest going for a weight 7 setup. This is basically in the middle of ratings and can be a very versatile kit.

In this episode of FLY TV, Daniel Bergman and Steffan Jensen go to Denmark to do some fly fishing for big perch. They go through the basics of the technique …

Saltwater fly fishing is most often done from a boat, either a shallow draft flats boat used to pursue species such as bonefish, redfish, permit and tarpon in shallow waters, from larger offshore boats for pursuing sailfish, tuna, dorado, marlin and other pelagics and may be done from shore, such as wading flats for bonefish or redfish or surf fishing for striped bass and other assorted fish. Typically, most trout fly fisherman need to practice new skills to catch saltwater fish on a fly rod. Ocean fish are usually harder to catch. They can be extremely spooky, and much larger. Trout fisherman need to practice with at least an 8 weight fly rod and accurately cast the line 30-90 feet if they are going to have success-particularly in the flat areas fishing for bonefish, redfish, permit, tarpon, jacks and more.

When it comes to fly fishing, no piece of gear is more iconic than the fly fishing vest. They have been around for almost as long as the sport of fly fishing, and are very useful. You will see many fly fishermen on the river who use them today. But there has been increased demand for fly fishing chest packs in recent years, and for good reason. Below we will discuss the uses and advantages of utilizing a chest pack rather than a vest.

Fly fishing for bass certainly will not win you any fishing tournaments. But it is the most challenging way you will find to catch bass. It is far removed from most fly fishing techniques, such as fly fishing for trout in a mountain stream.

An American, Charles F. Orvis, designed and distributed a novel reel and fly design in 1874, described by reel historian Jim Brown as the “benchmark of American reel design”, and the first fully modern fly reel. The founding of The Orvis Company helped institutionalize fly fishing by supplying angling equipment via the circulation of his tackle catalogs, distributed to a small but devoted customer list.

The topic of choosing the most appropriate fishing rod that you can use in fly fishing can be quite complicated and you need to logically understand the various features that are to be considered in the course of your choice. It is imperative to have the basic date on what the fishing rod is being used for in terms of the fish species and the waters where you will sport for those kinds of fish. Finally one needs to stipulate the amount worth spending for all this gear in order to satisfy one’s craving for this sport.

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