G. Loomis NRX 903-4 TroutFly Rod Green

G. Loomis NRX 903-4 TroutFly Rod Green G. Loomis has long been a leader in graphite rod blank technology. Our desire to make the very best rods in the world is what drives us. Its never settling for just good enough. Its all about continual innovation and process improvement. Over the years we’ve championed a lot change in the fishing world. Researching and developing new materials and new designs. pushing the envelope with each and every new product. In the late 90’s we reorganized our product lines into a vertical format, featuring species and technique-specific rods. We hybridized materials to create a unique blend of rod properties that take advantage of the best features of each fiber. These core models include EastFork, standard CrossCurrent, ShoreStalker and VersaSpey. They are made with this unique fiber-blend technology. GLX, with its extreme light weight and remarkable castability, has been our highest level of performance. but now, its a whole new ballgame! After many years of research, hard work and continual technological improvements, our new and most dynamic achievement incorporates all the basic elements that make great fly rods high modulus graphite, great tapers, the finest in componentry and a new, proprietary resin system. This along with Steve Rajeffs design ability helped us create an insanely lightweight, ultra-high performance series of fly rods we call them NRX!

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