Umpqua Copper John Gold Bead Red Fly Fishing Bead Head Flies Size 16 – 4 Pack

Bead head fly fishing patterns are designed to be fished under the surface of the water. The bead helps add weight to the fly allowing it to sink to the bottom of the river or stream. Bead head flies can also be fished in lakes or ponds either by using a strike indicator, or with a sinking fly line. If fished in a river, the bead head pattern will either bounce along the bottom, or if the current is fast and deep enough in the middle of the water column. Often times the shiny nature of the bead head will help attract a fish’s attention and tempt a strike.Umpqua flies have a long standing reputation for creating quality, creative flies that are constructed of the very best materials available. Each Umpqua fly is skillfully hand-tied with great precision to offer you the very best fishing flies possible. Umpqua’s fly patterns are not only second to none in quality, but they are also very durable. For over 40 years, Umpqua fishermen have designed unique flies that offer you hundreds of patterns to choose from.Constructed of the very best materials availableThe very best fishing flies possibleImprove your enjoyment of fly fishingSkillfully Hand TiedThe Umpqua Copper John Gold Bead Red 16 should always be in your fly box

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