Umpqua Mayer’s Tube Midge Tungsten Black Fly Fishing Size 20 – 2 Pack

Midge and emerger fly patterns are designed to imitate the small subsurface and emerging insects in rivers and lakes. Midges and emergers usually represent an early stage of life for flies that lay eggs in the water. Often very tiny in size, these patterns are very effective if fished correctly. They can be fished on their own, or by tying it off the hook of a dry fly pattern. An effective dry – dropper technique is to tie a midge 12-24 inches below the dry fly, and sometimes even another midge off the bottom of the first one. A little split shot in between the different patterns assures that they will be fished at different depths. Try to match the hatch by inspecting the insects in the water and choose a pattern that looks most like them. Emergers are generally fished like a dry fly on the surface or water film (on top of and slightly below the surface.) Umpqua flies have a long standing reputation for creating quality, creative flies that are constructed of the very best materials available. Each Umpqua fly is skillfully hand-tied with great precision to offer you the very best fishing flies possible. Umpqua’s fly patterns are not only second to none in quality, but they are also very durable. For over 40 years, Umpqua fishermen have designed unique flies that offer you hundreds of patterns to choose from. Constructed of the very best materials availableThe very best fishing flies possibleImprove your enjoyment of fly fishingSkillfully Hand TiedThe Umpqua Mayer’s Tube Midge Tungsten Black 20 is a tried and true fly fishing pattern

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