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Rods are matched to the line according to weight. The rod’s manufacturer will mark on the rod the fly line weights for which a rod has been designed. One-weight (1wt) rods and lines are the lightest; the weight designations increase up to the heaviest readily available rods and lines at 16-weight (16wt). In general, 1wt through 2wt would be in the class used for small trout, and panfish, 3wt and 4wt are popular for small-stream fishing, 5wt is often considered the all-around rod for trout, 6wt and 7wt are used on large rivers and for fishing with streamers, 8wt to 9wt rods and lines might be used for steelhead or salmon in medium rivers, as well as for bass fishing with large flies and as lightweight salt water use, and 10-11wt rods and lines would be used for pursuing large salt water gamefish under conditions of high wind or surf. The heaviest rods (12-16wt) are mostly used for bluewater species (billfish, tuna) while fishing from a boat. The characteristics of these rods reflect the fact that only short casts are needed during this type of fly fishing, while lifting ability is at a premium.

Fly fishing is alot more then just casting a line and wishing for the best. Many other things must be taken into account, i.e….the fly rod, the fly line, the fly reel, casting, and finally the tackle needed. I hope to cover all of this here in a very short amount of time for you.

In the sport of fly fishing, the word “guide” can have a double meaning. You can look for a printed guide to teach you how to fly fish, or you can hire a guide, who is a person, to show you the best places to fish in.


fly fishing

Most of the fly fishing techniques used to catch steelhead are based on those historically developed to catch Atlantic salmon. Flies are cast downstream from the angler on a floating or sinking line. The take, which can sometimes be quite violent, usually occurs towards the end of the swing. You can also use nymphing methods usually used by trout anglers.

Pocket water fly fishing tactics for small streams.

Tenkara fly fishing (Japanese: テンカラ, literally: “from heaven”, or “from the skies”) is a traditional type of fly fishing practiced in Japan. Primarily used for mountain stream trout fishing, tenkara is one of the most popular methods of angling among fresh-water mountain anglers in Japan.

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You can fish just about anywhere – a local pond, a lake, or even a reservoir. When you are fly fishing, you will want to go where the fish are most plentiful. That means traveling (perhaps) to rivers and streams where fish like trout and walleye are known to live. The challenge in fly fishing lies in making the fly look real to the fish below water.

Spey casting is a casting technique used in fly fishing. Spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a Spey rod. Spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting.

Dry fly fishing is when you cast your fly to a predetermined spot on the water and try to get the fish to attack the fly, but also trying to strike before the fish spits the fly back out.

The first common problem faced by anyone who wants to start fly fishing is what rod to buy and how to match the line to the rod for the kinds of fly fishing they will be doing. If the line, rod and reel don’t match then it can make fly fishing a nightmare and results in many anglers just giving up.

fly fishing

When getting ready to go fly fishing the leader is the last thing to get added to the fly line and if you don’t know any better there is few things to know so the leader is correct for fishing. If you are new to fly fishing then this article will teach you how to build a fly fishing leader.

When it comes to fly fishing, no piece of gear is more iconic than the fly fishing vest. They have been around for almost as long as the sport of fly fishing, and are very useful. You will see many fly fishermen on the river who use them today. But there has been increased demand for fly fishing chest packs in recent years, and for good reason. Below we will discuss the uses and advantages of utilizing a chest pack rather than a vest.

But being from Texas, where does one go to practice the art of fly fishing? Some people seem to think that it can’t be done. The common misconception is that fly fishing is only the pursuit of trout. That could not be more wrong. Just like regular fishing, a fly can catch any fish that is curious or hungry. I’ve fished with a shrimp pattern on my fly line in the Texas gulf.


fly fishing

The reel clamps to your fly rod with a “seat” that clamps down on the handle with “feet”. All reels are made to the same standard so the seats that are on fly fishing rods with handle all fly fishing reels. So, basically, you can pick out your rod and then choose the reel you want and not have to worry if it will fit your rod.

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman travel with helicopter far out to the Ammarnäs mountains together with their guide Ulf Johansson …

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Fly fishing is markedly different from regular fishing. With plain fishing, you use lures and often live bait to bring fish to your line and hook them. When you are fly fishing, you use a fly that resembles a real insect that the fish feed on naturally. The line is longer and you mimic the movement of the fly or insect on top of the water so that the fish thinks they are biting at a real insect.

The line: There are many types of fly fishing line. All of them are designated by letters like “DT” (double taper) or “WFF” (weight forward floating), “WFS” (weight forward sinking) and a few others. Each has it’s own applications.

If you are lucky to at first pick the right rod and line the next challenge is learning how to cast. With a good book on fly fishing you can learn the basic casts step by step.

The fact is fly fishing can be complicated or made easy with a book that can tell you everything you need to know from start to finish and you’ll find yourself going back to the book and improving your skills all the time even years after starting to fish.

fly fishing

If you are lucky to at first pick the right rod and line the next challenge is learning how to cast. With a good book on fly fishing you can learn the basic casts step by step.

The idea about buying the fly fishing rod should indeed be an important decision that might make an effect on the enjoyment you would get from the sport. The majority of the modern rods of fly fishing are produced from kinds of graphite compound. However, there are many bamboos rods also designed but are very costly in comparison with graphite rods. There are, however several alternatives of graphite rods for fly fishing available.

Selecting the right fly pattern can result in increasing your catch by even double. This is where a book on fly fishing can prove to be the most valuable piece of equipment in any angler’s kit yet again.


fly fishing

The art of fly fishing will get in to your blood and you will peruse the quite of the streams or the solitude of the ocean beaches to capture you prey. Most anglers will catch and release if they are fly fishing. | Tiefast Fly Fishing Nail Knot Tying Tool is one of the best Knot Tying Tools for Tying Nail K…

There are a lot of lodges in this part of Alaska that provide guides to give you a real Alaskan fly fishing adventure! The Alagnak River is another great fly fishing destination in Alaska. This river is located just a few miles away from Bristol Bay providing some great tidal waters that breed outstanding fish like chrome-bright salmon who stay here a few days after coming in from the ocean to get used to their new freshwater environment. Each new tide brings in a new crop of fish, so there is always a great chance of landing not just one but a number of fish on every expedition.Alaska is renowned for its abundance of fish, and you’re going to have an experience beyond your wildest dreams when you are fly fishing in Alaska. The only thing that might ruin your day is if you see the brown bear are catching more fish than you.

Another style of fishing in Japan is Ayu fishing. As written by historian Andrew Herd, in the book “The Fly”, “Fly fishing became popular with Japanese peasants from the twelfth century onward…fishing was promoted to a pastime worthy of Bushi (warriors), as part of an official policy to train the Bushi’s mind during peacetime.” This refers primarily to Ayu fishing, which commonly uses a fly as lure, uses longer rods, but there is no casting technique required, it’s more similar to dapping. Ayu was practiced in the lowlands (foothills), where the Bushi resided, tenkara practiced in the mountains. Fishing flies are thought to have first originated in Japan for Ayu fishing over 430 years ago. These flies were made with needles that were bent into shape and used as fishing hooks, then dressed as a fly. The rods along with fishing flies, are considered to be a traditional local craft of the Kaga region.

Fly fishing in Australia took off when brown trout were first introduced by the efforts of Edward Wilson’s Acclimatisation Society of Victoria with the aim to “provide for manly sport which will lead Australian youth to seek recreation on the river’s bank and mountainside rather than in the Cafe and Casino.” The first successful transfer of Brown Trout ova (from the Itchen and Wye) was accomplished by James Arndell Youl, with a consignment aboard The Norfolk in 186 Rainbow Trout were not introduced until 189

You can also combine your fly fishing with other things while on a trip. Think about where friends and family live. Can you spend a little time fishing and then, in your downtime, do a little visiting? Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to visit but never really had a reason why? Try taking a fly fishing trip there.


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