WATCH THE NEW FLY FISHING MONTANA 2013: Shot entirely on the GoPro HD Hero2 From fly fishing Montana’s rivers to e…
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15 Responses to Fly Fishing Montana GoPro HD

  • ricardo salazar says:

    no respect terrible video. stay out of montana and get yourselves some spin
    rods and worms

  • WildFlyProductions says:

    awesome video! love the gopro shots! We also film with the gopro check us
    out! thanks

  • RagingSilk123 says:

    I’m impressed you had the balls to post footage of animals being treated
    like anything less than gold. Social media activists love burning people on
    this shit.

  • Craig Baker says:

    0:47 would love to hang glide from that point into the lake…..and Im very
    scared of heights lol.

  • andreasmich says:

    no respect for the fishingsport. 

  • helenkellersfavcolor says:

    Such disrespect for nature, and wildlife. If you can afford a fucking
    gopro, you can afford some waders. Get in the water and release the fish
    there, use a net. This video made me sick. Put down your flyrod and pick up
    a video game controller and do us all a favor.

  • ohyeahbuddy3 says:

    Sick video! looks like fun! screw everyone else. they are just a bunch of
    tree huggers and “you gotta protect the environment” when they probably
    don’t even fish. you had fun and you had a great time with friends. not
    sure what else you could ask for

  • André Abt says:

    No Respect for Nature and Fish. Absolutely horrible and unprofessional. 

  • Game Angling Consultancy says:

    We’re excited to announce that the GAC Derby are now official stockist of

    These handy little cameras are fantastic for recording on the go, and their
    accessories range means that they can be attached to almost anything…
    including a fly rod!

    High quality HD footage that is perfect for sharing online. Here’s a little
    something to whet your appetites (pun intended lol!!) ;)

  • luukoutbelow says:

    Southern redneck and avid fly fisher here. I have to agree with others
    about the disregard for nature. Life is a gift – not just yours but
    others. Those of us lucky enough to be graced by whats left of nature
    cherish it. To disrespect nature is hurtful to us. Take a minute and
    research how delicate a fish’s skin is and even how important the slime
    is. Netting fish minimizes damage to both. Also, using barbless hooks
    reduces damage to you as well as the fish and allows a faster return back
    to the water.

  • Vusi Mpela says:

    Could have been a nice video – have some respect for te fish!

  • Brody Aukerman says:

    i’d be embarassed to show myself treating fish like that no matter what
    kind of fish it is… you need to just grab a spin reel and bait.. stay out
    of every trout stream if your gonna handle them like you guys do. show

  • techchau says:

    Never thought you could capture the fun of fishing on camera. You did it.
    Excellent video!

  • jordan mcknight says:

    nice video what setting did you have on your gopro

  • Lucas Marcucci says:

    really nice! i really ejoyed it man, but it would be nice to see when the
    trout takes the dryfly, that´s the best part, good job!

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